First World Problems

First World Problem Memes

Memes have become a growing sensation across all forms of the social media network. They now give many people and organisations a voice for either advertisement or simply comedic reasons for current and social events and trends.

The First World Problem meme involves a lady who comes across frustrated by common “first world problems” that people in developed nations deal with on a day to day basis (Cadwell). The main insight of the meme comes from the face of the lady herself (Cadwell). It shows the distraught that she is going through, as she has her head in her hands and tears rolling down her face (Cadwell).

However, through its sad and negative picture, it is seen to have a rather comedic side due to the captions that come along with it. Each caption looks to mock and make fun of problems that people in the first world are perceived to deal with rather than actual problems of poverty, hunger and health etc.

As shown above you can see the message to which this meme explores. It looks to condescend and mock people who simply of privilege and those “cry over spilt milk” giving us the message that people in developed nations should look past their “first world problems” and instead focus on true problems of our society.




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