Social media catered for us

Across social media, we see many forms of target marketing from many different companies and brand. Each of these is a target to cater for our needs and desires.

Facebook looks at the things you are interested in and customises your feed to suit you. In terms of target marketing they use sponsored ads and pop-ups that relate to my interests in the hope it will entice me to buy the product

This is the same on Instagram as they track your location and surrounding and hence cater their sponsors to suit the target audience, in this case, myself.

insta bloginsta blog 2

From the photos above we see that the sponsored ads are catered to my interests as I use both apple products but also follow a lot of clothing brands.

I feel as though the Victoria Bitters Can (VB) on the t-shirt is significant in the target market as well as it looks at me as a university student and has a direct correlation to the student drinking culture that heritage beers are involved around.

Then when looking at Facebook we see the same system applied with the adverts they place on my Facebook feed. While Instagram looks at my following, location, and technology. Facebook takes all this into account, however, goes deeper so it can target my specific interests.

As shown Facebook has linked a sponsored post to Vice land which is a channel I watch a lot on YouTube and has then linked it to the NZ Election which is very current news on many people news feeds.

So, ainsta blog 3s we can see social media marketing is something we are consumers are exposed to every day. The different platforms use every bit of information they can so that they can provide adverts which will arouse our interests so they can gain more views and hence increase their money flow through advertisement.

Kanye on Twitter and Instagram

Kanye West is huge user and advertiser for social media. He is widely followed across all main Platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram; however, he seems to show a range of difference in the way he applies himself and communicates through Twitter and Instagram.

His twitter account shows off who he is as a person. With the amount of entertainment and emotion, he puts in his tweets. However, we see on Instagram him represent himself visually, through his clothing brand “Yeezy”.

The change in which is shown across the two platforms is linked directly to the affordance (Gibson 1979) and the way each of these platforms plays their role in showing society the different sides of Kanye West.

On the side of twitter, it plays his role perfectly as he is able to express his opinion and emotion, whether it’s political, comedic or current trends.

Kanye West’s affordance (Gibson, 1979) linked Instagram, however, is down to the fact that Instagram is photo generated, so he expresses the visual image of himself, which is seen to be clothing as the main form of advertisement.

Affordance is a huge part in how social media shows off each celebrity, if the platform doesn’t play its role correctly then the person isn’t shown to the public correctly and Kanye West could be seen to be a completely different person (Helmond, 2016).


Helmond, A. 2016. The affordances of social media platforms.


Gibson, J.J. 1979. The Ecological Approach to Perception. London: Houghton Mifflin