Kanye on Twitter and Instagram

Kanye West is huge user and advertiser for social media. He is widely followed across all main Platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram; however, he seems to show a range of difference in the way he applies himself and communicates through Twitter and Instagram.

His twitter account shows off who he is as a person. With the amount of entertainment and emotion, he puts in his tweets. However, we see on Instagram him represent himself visually, through his clothing brand “Yeezy”.

The change in which is shown across the two platforms is linked directly to the affordance (Gibson 1979) and the way each of these platforms plays their role in showing society the different sides of Kanye West.

On the side of twitter, it plays his role perfectly as he is able to express his opinion and emotion, whether it’s political, comedic or current trends.

Kanye West’s affordance (Gibson, 1979) linked Instagram, however, is down to the fact that Instagram is photo generated, so he expresses the visual image of himself, which is seen to be clothing as the main form of advertisement.

Affordance is a huge part in how social media shows off each celebrity, if the platform doesn’t play its role correctly then the person isn’t shown to the public correctly and Kanye West could be seen to be a completely different person (Helmond, 2016).


Helmond, A. 2016. The affordances of social media platforms.



Gibson, J.J. 1979. The Ecological Approach to Perception. London: Houghton Mifflin

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