Max Key a Social media Climber

Max Key is what I like to call a “microcelebrity” in the social media world. A “micro-celebrity” is a person who is famous for a particular group of people… or the way they act and portray themselves towards building a status on particular (Marwick, 2013). 

Max Key is a prime example of this as he has managed to build and establish as a popular figure on many different social media platforms. He used each platform to his advantage, from starting off his “career” to now using the platforms as a way of self-branding for his rising music career as a DJ Artist.

max key 3

Max used Instagram originally to establish himself as a person through the name of his father, former prime minister Sir John Key. However, since then his Instagram has formed in one more common among micro-celebrities as he portrays the free and fun living life that he now has, similar to other micro-celebrities like Jay Alvearies and Alexis Ren. His Instagram now has 64,000 followers and is only on the rise up.

After establishing himself on Instagram he saw the opportunity to expand into other platforms such as Facebook and You Tube.


When his music career began with his first hit single “Forget You”, he took the chance and expanded into Facebook where he uses it as a platform for self-branding to promote his status further as a music artist. He uses Facebook, as shown, to brand his DJ tours and also promote his vlogs that are linked through his You Tube channel





This is max keywhere he finalized his emergence and started to film and video his life for all to see, rather than just one-off pictures. Though trying to tackle serious topics with a comedic spin off, such as the Election Vlog with his dad he also films and post his party life that many of these micro-celebrities live.

Max key has used many different platforms to establish himself to where he is today. Beginning with Instagram where he became a personality showing his life and then developing into a DJ Artist which he self- promotes and brands through his Facebook page as well as vlogger through YouTube and snap chat. He has and is continuing to establish himself among social media popularity, truly reinforcing his status as one of New Zealand’s most popular micro celebrities


Marwick, Alice E. “Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age.” New Haven; London: Yale University Press, 2013. pp. 114

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