Facebook, the private network

Facebook can be a very open and widely monitored platform. However, a private Facebook still remains as you can easily create and customize the setting that best suit you and the Facebook lifestyle you’re after

I would describe my settings as very secure and private due to the factors is surveillance and access that people can have over someone else from across the world. My settings are that; Only my friends (people I have added) can see my posts, photos and bio. Also only mutual can contact me through messenger and find and add me on Facebook, as you will see shown below.




Though this doesn’t make me completely invisible to the outside eye, as there are still ways to be watched and surveyed through Facebook, it makes me personality feel safer and secure that my privacy is reaching the maximum point that it can.

After logging out and using another account  (that was not my Facebook friend) to view my privacy settings, I came to the conclusion that was I was correct about my settings. I am very private to the random outsider’s eye. The other profile was able to see some photos such as previous profile photos, however, all of my posts, private photos and shared information was kept private.

I feel as though after this experience, of testing my privacy settings, I am far more inclined to use Facebook as I am able to see that my life can and is very easily secure to the commons person eye than I expected. Feeling secure on a global network is hard, but through Facebook’s general and advanced privacy setting, that feeling becomes a lot more trusting and fulfilling.

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