“Ban the Bag” Greenpeace Movement

The “Ban the Bag” petition made by Greenpeace has set out to urge the government of New Zealand to implement a nationwide ban on the use and selling of plastic bags. At the moment the petition has reached 54,454 signatures however it has a goal of 100,000 before it looks to take this problem to the Government (Greenpeace, 2017).



greenpeace.pngGreenpeace 2

I believe this petition has great opportunity to bring about real change in banning the making and use of plastic bags. People have started to already use recyclable or paper bags when doing their shopping. However many if not all supermarkets across New Zealand still continue the use of plastic bags which is having a serious effect on our marine life. But in saying this we have seen that already many major supermarkets such as New World and Countdown have said by the end of 2018 they will have fully phased out the use of plastic bags and replace them with environment-friendly bags (Clayton, 2017)

We see that is petition and effort to ban the bag, held by Greenpeace sits far from the ideas of “slacktivism” which is simply “actions performed via the internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as involving little time or involvement” (Oxford, 2017)

Where instead this petition looks to solve a real problem that our environment is facing. Plastic bags move through environment often ending up in the ocean where they take years to break down, polluting our ocean and killing our marine life. This has become a serious problem not only in New Zealand but across the globe. I feel as though if Greenpeace gain their 100,000 signatures, it won’t just be New World and Countdown who will have banned the bag by 2018.

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